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With mobile devices and tablets gaining grounds at a faster pace, business owners are scrambling to create compatible web designs that work optimally with all internet-devices.  This explosion in web technology has given birth to brand new forms of design called Adaptive & Responsive Web Design.  Although your budget, business needs and conceptual design will guide your website path, here’s a review of the three major techniques being utilized today. Static Web Design describes the historical creation of website pages, from the beginning of the internet through 2014.  The main advantage is the complete flexibility, as every page can be themed or designed differently, while using special effects and web friendly tools as needed.  The cost is much lower compared to Adaptive or Responsive Design, even though custom programming would seem higher.  Adaptive Web Design uses website code to determine whether the website is being viewed via a desktop, a smartphone or a tablet.  A separate set of pages are needed for each version, so the laptop view will be different from the smartphone screen.  A Responsive Web Design utilizes a specific code to modify the website’s presentation as per the device it’s been viewed on.  Quite unlike the websites designed using an Adaptive Web Design, the ones designed using a Responsive web design load at a slow speed.  Static Design has one single design with the desktop computer screen layout in mind, giving you ultimate design control and is the most affordable option for businesses and organizations. Adaptive Design requires you to develop and maintain separate website pages per device type, meaning increased costs above Static Design, but it’s the most customizable mobile option, mimicking the look and feel of your original pages. Responsive Design lacks a custom look, with a web experience that’s slow and labored, and the increased number of development hours make it the most expensive web design option.

Why Should RMF Technologies Build Your Organization's Website?

A website is essential for any business, so that customers, employees, partners and investors can quickly and easily inquire about your business and the products or services you have to offer. Without an internet presence, you're losing business to other companies that do. A well-designed website is clear, concise and informative, while communicating your business message. Your organization will make a positive first impression with a professionally designed website and can project an image and professionalism of a much larger company.  Whether you choose Static, Adaptive or Responsive Web Design, you need to ensure that the site’s content is attractive for audiences no matter what device is used for accessing your website and that it stands out from the crowd.  From conceptual design through the completed website, your business needs will be our top priority. Contact RMF Technologies at (732) 261-6730 and find out how you can have a professionally designed website for less that $2 a day.